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We can assist you in procuring replacement parts for specialty vehicles due to collision or other types of damage.

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  • I appreciate the time you took throughout the process to explain what you were looking at as well as wanting my input.I was quite surprised and impressed to find you lying on the floor inspecting and taking photos of the undercarriage and drivetrain.Your methodical approach to the appraisal was quite refreshing and showed how much you know about automobiles.After reading through your detailed appraisal I am convinced I contacted the correct company in Ride On Appraisals.If anyone i know needs your services i would gladly recommend you.

    Dave-Mount Prospect, Ill - 1973 AMX Javelin
  • My experience with R.O.A. was great! I used their "desktop" approach and carefully followed their instructions for providing info and photos. As a result, I received a very professionally prepared comprehensive appraisal in about 10 days, for a reasonable fee. Best Regards,

    Don - Surprise, AZ. - 1970 GTO
  • I contracted w/Ride-On to review my 1969 Pontiac Firebird. Dennis and the staff were courteous, timely, and most important, thorough. Dennis’ knowledge of automobiles and enthusiasm for automobiles is quite evident. He is also very fair in his evaluation with a detailed review of the car. I would strongly recommend his service, especially if being used for insurance purposes, accuracy is critical.

    Randall - Gurnee, IL - 1969 Firebird
  • Hi Dennis,
    I just received your appraisal report for the GTO. I am ecstatic with the detail and obvious research you invested in the report and I feel you hit it "spot on"! I had been procrastinating doing the appraisal because I thought it would be a big hassle-boy do I feel silly. Thanks again,you are the best!

    Dave - Pleasant Prairie, WI - 1965 GTO
  • Dennis,
    It was impressive to stand on the side and watch your process of doing the appraisal. We feel that it was extremely professional and very thorough. We received your appraisal today and again were impressed on how thorough and complete you were in your area by area descriptions. We were not disappointed in your appraisal. The whole process was very thorough and professionally done. Thanks for making the time to do the appraisal.

    Karen & Jim - Glendale, AZ - 1970 GTO
  • Hi Dennis,
    It is nice when a promise is made and kept that the results turn out better than one expects.Your appraisal report was very professional and very complete.You offer a wonderful service at a great value. Thank You so much.


    Steven - Elkhorn, WI - 1977 Toronado Brougham

    P.S. Looking forward to your boat appraisal when you get certified...
  • Dennis,
    Thank you for the thorough report on the car you inspected on my behalf. The detail in your write up was complete and your fee was most reasonable. I appreciate the speed with which you handled my request and look forward to working with you again should the need arise.


    Joe - Oklahoma City Ok. - 1979 Pontiac T/A
  • Dennis,
    I want to thank you for your prompt service, professional execution of the appraisal and your attention to detail as you provided me with an appraisal for my 1956 Chevy BelAir. You not only went out of your way to accommodate my schedule, you arrived on time, did a thorough appraisal and delivered the report promptly. Rest assured, not only will I recommend your appraisal services to other car enthusiasts, the next time I have a need for a classic car appraisal, I will not hesitate to contact Ride On Appraisals.

    Bill - Brighton, Mi - 1956 Chevrolet
  • I just purchased my first muscle car where I was not able to see and inspect the car in person. When I checked on travel expense and hotel stay,...I almost change my mind and a friend recommended that I get an inspection from a certified person. A friend recommend Dennis with Ride on Appraisals and the process began, I was pleased with the price he quoted and set up the date. He called and walked me through the car step by step and told me the good, bad, and thank goodness very little ugly! Dennis emailed my detailed inspection with an appraisal that was right on track. I continued with the purchase of my 1970 Dodge Super Bee and now buzzing around Nashville!

    Kelly - Nashville, TN - 1970 Dodge Super Bee
  • Dennis obviously loves classic collector cars and custom hot rods as much as I do. He took all the anxiety out of the purchase process. I felt secure knowing he was going to bring his paint thickness meter and all his tools along with photography equipment and write up an extensive report on my vehicle. Even tho I ended up not purchasing that vehicle, I feel Dennis would give an honest evaluation of any vehicle he was appraising. I ended up buying a car from North Carolina and I wish I could have gotten Dennis down there to appraise it. I ended up using a local appraiser that I was happy with but no where near the level of professionalism and talent that Dennis has.

    Chris - Rice, VA - 1946 Plymouth
  • Dennis, I can’t thank you enough for the appraisal your company performed on my 1965 GTO. Getting it appraised by a true professional was the true answer I needed. Your professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge was by far more than what I expected from you. This along with your positive friendly attitude was well worth the cost of the appraisal. There are so many self proclaimed "Know-It-Alls"" at car shows that can eat a hot dog and tell you what they think your car is worth in 15 minutes it makes me sick. I will highly recommend your services to anyone at anytime.

    Craig - Oak Forest, Illinois - 1965 GTO
  • Ride On Appraisals is just what we needed when we wanted to get the true value of a vintage car. Dennis is experienced and honest - two great qualities in an appraiser. We found his professionalism combined with helpfulness to be outstanding. This has been a great experience for us and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services.

    Ronald - Maple Park, IL. - 1956 Cadillac
  • Dennis was able to squeeze my vehicle appraisal into his busy schedule the Thursday morning prior to a large car show. I purchased my vehicle from out of state with out having driven or seen anything other than digital photos. Dennis offered perfect assistance in being my eyes and in person evaluation. At my request Dennis also added a section into the appraisal for a 1-6 rating system that would not have otherwise been included with the standard format. My over all evaluation of Ride On Appraisals and Dennis is a 10 out of 10 with 100% satisfation.

    Joe - Kingwood, TX. - 1968 Camaro Z-28
  • Dennis, I want to thank you very much for your thorough and professional appraisal on my 68 Camaro. I was impressed with the time you spent to all details and questions asked about my car. I could immediately tell, that you have been doing this for a while and knew exactly what you were doing. I am going on my fourth year of this project, and now that I have a legitimate appraisal of my car, I am able to get it fully insured on it's value. I have already referred you to two friends of mine and they should be contacting you.

    Howard - Aurora, Ill. - 1968 Camaro
  • I would give Dennis with Ride on Appraisals a five star rating. He was very prompt about getting back to me and kept in good communication. His evaluation was thorough and was given to me in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Ride on Appraisals for your car appraisal needs.

    Chris - Warrensville, Ill. - 1966 Dodge Coronet & 1967 Plymouth Barracuda
  • Dear Dennis, I wanted to commend your company for the professional job appraising my 67 Olds 442. You had a booth in Rosemont for the National Meckum Auto Show. You were prepared to do an on-site appraisal of my car at a show-discounted price, and had the personnel to do all the paperwork and payment right there.

    Your detailed appraisal and certification was a requirement of my insurance carrier. You sent a PDF by email, and a hard copy in the mail with a CD of photos. Your company is number 1 for fast, quality service. Ride on Appraisals, Inc. is the best !!!!

    Gus - Plainfield, Ill. - 1967 Oldsmobile 442
  • I met Dennis Parus of Ride on Appraisals at our Model "A" club meeting on January 15, 2013. I knew he would be there giving a talk on appraisals, so I brought some information on a car I had recently purchased. I needed an appraisal to obtain a bonded title. Dennis said he could help with that. He inspected the car and by the 22nd. I had a e-mail copy of the appraisal. Two days later, the 24th. I received the hard copy in the mail. Dennis was a great person to work with, he did what he said he would do, and when he said he would do it. I would recommend Ride on Appraisals to all members in all the car clubs I belong to. Dennis is not just an appraiser, he is also a "car guy".

    Jim - Palos Park, Ill. - 1954 Pontiac ambulance
  • Dennis,
    Thank you for the Ride On Appraisal you recently completed on my 1969 American Motors Javelin SST. Your report was extensive, thorough and exceeded my expectations.

    It was clear that your knowledge of my AMC as well as all other vehicles makes you an excellent choice to recommend to have a car appraised.You can use me as a reference any time. Thanks again,

    Terry - Buffalo Grove, Ill. - 1969 American Motors Javelin SST
  • Dennis, I would like to compliment you on your professionalism and your integrity in your profession. You set up our appointment, called to confirm, and arrived on time. You went right to work inspecting the inside and outside of the car, asking questions as needed trying to get the best insights into the car's history. Not only did you know how to spot original and modifications under the hood, but took pictures to document all your information. The report was written in a very professional manner, easy to read and easy to understand. It was a great experience and I would recommend your services to anyone who would like to find out the true value of their car.
    John - Elk Grove Village, Ill. - 1965 Ford Mustang convertible
  • Dennis,
    I have finally had time to read your report in its entirety. You did an excellent job of inspecting the car for me and I appreciate it. Your report is very detailed and even without photographs I understand very clearly the condition of the car. (not good!) :-) I hate to see these old classics ruined by amateurs that think they are doing good by them. Thanks again for saving me from purchasing this car.
    Dave - Freeport, Maine
  • Once again thank you Dennis for your thorough inspection of this 1988 Lincoln. I will consider this and two more that I had appraised also by Certified Auto Appraisers in other states. Feel free to use me as reference, I was honestly impressed by your honesty and performance.
    Cheers, Julian - Phoenix, Arizona
  • Dennis,
    Thank you for your assistance in my appraisal with my insurance company.As you know they were refusing to compare my vehicle with other CPO vehicles. Finally with your appraisal, and your personal communication with their appraiser, I was able to receive the true Actual Cash Value of my totaled vehicle. Before calling Ride On Appraisals, Inc. which was “Right On! my insurance company was only offering a cash settlement of $14, 375. With your assistance under “The Right of Appraisal” clause in my policy, they corrected their first offer and finally agreed with you that the settlement would be $16,456.
    Thanks Again,
    Steve from Chicago, Illinois
  • Dennis,
    My wife and I were very happy with your services. Our insurer made an offer for the total loss of our 2010 Toyota Prius that can best described as grossly inadequate. Your research and expertise was invaluable in convincing the insurer that a higher actual cash value was appropriate for our vehicle. The final settlement offer from the insurer was over $ 5,000 higher than their inital offer. Thanks for your prompt and professional handling of our claim!
    Joe - Wheaton, Illinois - 2010 Toyota Prius
  • Dennis,
    Thank you for the great work. The appraisal report on my S2000 Honda that you made is very detailed and acurate. The car value is exactly where I expected it to be. For sure I will be using your services again in the future and will recommend to my friends. Thanks again,
    Stefan - Arlington Heights, Illinois - S2000 Honda
  • Good afternoon Dennis
    Thank you so much for a professional appraisal. I believe with the attention to detail, your expert advice, your knowledge of the vehicle you appraised along with your comments and written documentation you have increased the value of my automobile. I will use this as I offer the car for sale and will certainly use you on all of my vehicles as they need appraisals done. It's nice to deal with a professional and you certainly have exceeded my expectations. Have a wonderful day
    Randy - Roselle, Illinois - 1941 Lincoln Continental
  • Dennis,
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt & courteous service I received from you regarding the appraisal on my 1940 Chevy. I am completely satisfied & would highly recommend your services.
    Bob - Glen Ellyn, Illinois - 1940 Chevy
  • I was referred to Ride On Appraisals by a friend in Michigan who, after two experiences with Dennis, was very happy. Dennis traveled there to see his classics. My own appraisal was extremely thorough and detailed. My car was decoded and history recorded. I recommended Ride On Appraisals to my friend with a rare Jeep. His experience was just as good as mine and my friend in Michigan. I would definitely recommend Dennis and Ride On Appraisals to any one with a classic or even a newer vehicle.
    Colton - Riverwoods, Illinois - 1966 Oldsmobile 442
  • Hi Dennis -
    Everything was excellent with the appraisal and it came in right were dad thought it would be. I appreciate all of your help with this, and your flexibility !
    Toni - Vicksburg, Michigan
  • On a whim I purchased a 1976 Coupe Deville on eBay. I had no idea what this car was worth even though I fell in love with it. Met Dennis one afternoon at a car show and had a great conversation about the situation I found myself in. We made an appointment for him to appraise my car. It turned out to be such a good time. Dennis is a walking automotive encyclopedia! He was in the car, on the car, under the car. Decoding numbers and giving me a history lesson about the car that I had no idea about. He was fair and honest and a pleasure to do with business with. Will always use Ride On Appraisals for any future purchases
    Joe from Plainwell, Michigan - 1976 Coupe Deville
  • Dennis, I really enjoyed how you got down and really look things over. I was impressed with the detail that was observed and expressed in your report. It was a very pleasant experience for me, as I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect or what to do. But you were very easy going and very professional and handled my car and me perfect. I am so glad I had this done but your appraisal priced it at just about what the car cost me and I am amazed at that. It's nerve wrecking when you don't know what's something's worth and try to sell it. I would highly recommend anyone considering to have an appraisal done on their car, to give you a call. as the price was very reasonable and worth every penny from where I see it. Ray - Roselle, Illinois - 1963 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special
  • Thank you so much Dennis for the time and effort spent appraising my 1977 American Motors Gremlin X.Your appreciation and honesty made me feel at ease.Your expertise and knowledge made me feel quite comfortable.Thank you again for a job well done!
    Kurt from Aurora, Illinois - 1977 American Motors Gremlin X
  • Dennis,
    Thank you for providing the appraisal on my 1969 Firebird in such a timely manner. I was very impressed with the amount of time you spent on my car and the professionalism of the report. I have had other appraisals on this car but none compare to the thoroughness of yours. You will be highly recommended within my circle of friends. Again thank you for excellent work.
    Bill - Johnsburg, Illinois - 1969 Firebird
  • Dennis,
    Thank you very much for the fine report. As you can appreciate, you buy a vehicle but you can only guess as to the little things - your report was extremely detailed, professionally laid out and highly detailed, including the conclusion and comparables. I will gladly and highly recommend you to Gateway , my friends and I have already recommended you to DuPage Credit Union. Thanks you again for the fine service! Fell free to quote any portion of this email for your we-site -- it's all true!
    Andy & Wendy from Wheaton, Illinois - 1969 Chevy C10
  • Dear Potential Cusomer,
    I hired Dennis Parus to appraise my 1972 Monte Carlo at the Gilmore Car Museum near Kalamazoo Michigan. He quickly gained my trust and confidence during the appraisal as he shared his professional knowledge with me. As a Michigander, I really liked the business perspective of Ride On appraisals being just outside of Chicago. Dennis was always quick with communication through phone calls and e-mails during the appraisal process, and he is enjoyable to work with. The appraisal value of the Monte Carlo was respectable, and I would do business with Dennis again.
    Mitch from Kalamzaoo, Michigan - 1972 Monte Carlo
  • We just wanted to send a memo letting you (Dennis) know that we appreciate all you did for us and you would be recommended by us for the future. All of our questions were answered promptly and correctly and you responded to my e-mails in a short matter of time and that is greatly appreciated! So we just wanted to say thank you again!!
    Angela and David from Lake Station, Indiana - 1984 Chevy Suburban
  • Dennis
    I want to thank you for such a fine appraisal. The details you went through were very impressive. You took the time to go over every inch of the vehicle, and ask questions about materials and how the restoration was performed. You are a true professional and I would recommend your service to any one that that needs a thorough appraisal .
    Thanks again
    Bob - Wayland, Michigan - 1969 GTO Judge